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Town of DeWitt, NY
Business Parks in DeWitt
Largest Employers in DeWitt
Random Photos of DeWitt
Random Photos of DeWitt
Hotels in DeWitt
Retail in DeWitt
Golf Courses in DeWitt
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DeWitt is an eastern suburb of Syracuse, NY. Shoppingtown Mall, Erie Blvd, and many major Manufacturing plants, Office Parks, and Industrial Parks are located here. DeWitt has Interstate 481, Interstate 90, and I-690 serving their businesses and residents.  Flat in the north and hilly in the south, DeWitt is the eastern hub of Central New York. The Town of DeWitt also has the highest concentration of Hotels in CNY. The JD school district serves the southern half of DeWitt and ESM, the northern half. 
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DeWitt Facts:
Population ~ 25,000
Number of homes ~ 7,796
Average selling price ~ $195,000
2005 Residential building permits ~ 39

Town of DeWitt Official Website

What's New?

The JD School District may expand their schools due to increased enrollment


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